Ärztliche Fehler bei Patienten in der Notfallambulanz können fatale Folgen haben. US-amerikanische Notfallmediziner haben jetzt untersucht, welche Art von „kognitiven“ Fehlern Ärzten hier besonders häufig unterlaufen.

Fehler passieren in jedem Spital und in jedem Pflegeheim. Der Umgang mit diesen habe sich hierzulande stark gebessert, sagen Vertreter des heimischen Expertennetzwerks für Patientensicherheit.

In our last article, Larry’s organization was laying the groundwork for high reliability. In the following months, they initiated a series of training opportunities for managers and staff, implemented a team approach to reviewing and analyzing risk, quality, and safety reports, and started a process to develop a robust risk reporting system.

Establishing buy-in, commitment & trust

In our last article, Larry Boxman discussed what drove his company to look for something that might change their corporate culture. When Larry contacted me, he’d found himself in a position that many of us are familiar with: Disengaged employees, and bewildered and frustrated supervisors—all working within an organization with very little transparency or trust.

Two concepts that can improve your agency while reducing injuries, accidents & cost
An organization that employs Just Culture recognizes that individuals shouldn’t be held accountable for system failings over which they have no control.